Fare Brothers Media

Getting started...

Start now and you can release a CD, DVD, Bluray or Vinyl record for FREE. No mastering, experience, or knowledge is needed. You only pay us when you place an order. Your creations are stored in digital form in our archive for 180 days since the LAST placed order.

There is no cost to design and create a CD, DVD, BluRay or Vinyl. You simply upload the artwork, and audio / video files & sit back. You can also place an order right away.. get started below.

  • Fare Brothers Media has no minimums, commitments, memberships, contracts, or risks. There are no setup, mastering, or hidden charges. You don't need money or a credit card to create CDs/DVDs with us.
  • Fare Brothers Media manufactures your CD/DVD in as little as 24 hours with no premium surcharges.
  • You can place small orders only as needed or a large order all at once. We keep your CDs/DVDs in our system so you can quickly re-order. Fare Brothers Media can manufacture and drop-ship 1 or more units to any address in as little as 24 hours.